Mossy and Ted’s Excellent Adventure!

So glad that Ted is all better and could come out with us today. As part of the 2 hour adventure walk we went for a trek around Bonaly country park, round the Torduff reservoir and up towards Glencourse. We then came all the way back down towards Laverrock to have a paddle in the stream and try and clean off some of the mud!






Ted and Mossy had a great time chasing each other and fighting over sticks, then Ted had a wee break in the heather. On our way back down we stopped at the stream. Mossy got herself stuck on the other side of the bank and Ted like a true gentleman went over to give her some support! Such a beautiful walk that even the wind and rain couldn’t ruin it! I’m loving my Monday and Thursday 2 hour adventure walks and looking forward to having some more active dogs to join us soon!


  1. Wow! Looks like the dogs had great fun and what a great walk! They are some lucky dogs :))

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