Another great trip back to Bonaly with Ted and Mossy and looking forward to having a few new dogs joining us this Thursday! We managed to get a bit further up the Pentlands this time and even saw some wildlife, not that Ted or Mossy were too bothered! On the way back down Ted and Mossy took a dip in the reservoir so that they were nice and clean, for about 2 minutes anyway!

I tried to get a little clip of them running about mad in the heather but it recorded them in slow motion until the last wee bit, the quality is also pretty rubbish (think I better stick to the dog walking). I’ve put it up anyway because it’s actually quite funny to see their ears flopping about and then Mossy take Ted down…don’t worry he get’s back up 🙂









I had a really enjoyable walk again, thanks Ted and Mossy! 🙂 🙂


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