This was our first group trip out to Bonaly, though poor Ted couldn’t come with us as he wasn’t feeling well. While I was a bit worried that 8 year old Luka and 5 month old Coco wouldn’t be able to keep up, I think I was the only one ready to go home after the 2 hours! There was lots of running about daft and getting muddy and then a quick dip in the reservoir before heading home to bed. I loved Luka’s red jumper…unfortunately though it didn’t stay red for long! Also I think Coco may be the cutest puppy ever (sorry Mossy)!!! Today was great and I hope everyone sleeps well tonight, I know I will!











 So cute!!!!!

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  1. Fantastic photos josee. You really are a star for looking after luka! No one else would have worked so hard to gain a rescue dogs trust, he’s had a rubbish life but seeing him having such amazing times

    1. Thanks Hollie :). Luka is such a lovely affectionate dog and while he has his problems I fully believe that you and Liam will help him get through them. I’m really looking forward to seeing him improve even more!

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