I graduated from The University of Edinburgh with a BSc in Ecological Sciences and a drive to work in animal welfare. From a young age I dreamt of working with exotic animals and sea creatures but as I got older my fear of sharks, diving and creepy crawlies nipped those career paths in the bud! I never imagined that I would find my niche working with pet dogs until Mossy (an over-enthusiastic collie cross) arrived in my life. To help me learn as much as possible, I went on to do a PgCert in International Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law and I am currently in the process of completing my MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour.

Outside of my own struggles and successes with Mossy, I volunteered at puppy classes for a non for profit dog training club and attended seminars and workshops by some of the worlds best animal trainers and behaviourists, like Ken Ramirez and Susan Friedman.  I believe there is never a point that we should stop training our dogs or ourselves, so I am constantly adding to my knowledge and experience. I am a student member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Councillors (APBC) and a supporting member of the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants (IAABC). I am also working towards becoming a Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist (CCAB).

I founded Josee’s Happy Hounds in 2014 to provide dog training services in Edinburgh.  My main mission has always been to help owners improve their relationship with their dog. As a mum of three young kids, with an energetic dog and a business to run, I fully understand how busy life can get! I also know how the stress of managing a dog with behavioural problems, on top of everything else, can lead us to breaking point. I have always used methods that are based on the LIMA (least intrusive, minimally aversive) principal. This involves science based techniques that heavily rely on the use of reinforcers (whatever the dog loves best) as a way of changing behaviour. My main passion is working with the owners to find a training solution that improves their quality of life and can realistically fit into their daily routine.











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