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mossy2Josee is a graduate of The University of Edinburgh with a BSc in Ecological Science, a PgCert in International Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law and is currently working towards an MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour. Josee’s Happy Hounds was founded in 2014 to provide dog walking and training services in Edinburgh. Josee has volunteered at puppy classes for a non for profit dog training club and is constantly looking to expand her knowledge by attending seminars and workshops. Josee is a proud member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Councillors (APBC) and Pet Professional Guild (PPGBI) and aims to become a Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist (CCAB)).

  • Life skills for puppies – Helen Zulch (2014)
  • Stop, come, click level one workshop – Jane Arden (2015)
  • Dog aggression it’s causes and treatment – John McGuigan (2015)
  • Multiple dog situations – Claire Staines (2016)
  • The passion of play – Alasdair Bunyan (2016)
  • Enriching the lives of dogs at home – Steve Goward (2016)
  • Proprioception (balance and core) workshop – Sam Turner (2016)
  • Ttouch workshop (2016)
  • Career as a dog trainer – Steve Mann IMDT (2016)
  • Giving dog training back to the dog – Chirag Patel (2016)
  • Living with and caring for your rescue dog – Maxwell Muir (2016)
  • Impulse control – Dave Brice IMDT (2016)
  • Loose lead walking – IMDT (2017)
  • Ken Ramirez (2017)
  • Susan Friedman (2017)

Josee has had lots of canine friends over the years, which has helped her gain an understanding of them, she also has a huge interest in learning more about their behaviour and training.

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Josee spent the first 8 years of my life living in the South Pacific where her family took in a number of stray dogs and cats. Her uncle bred and trained border collies in the Lake District and since being back in Scotland she visits him and the dogs regularly. Josee’s first dog was a lovely rescue dog who passed away at the good age of 16 years old and the newest addition to the family is her little collie cross, Mossy.

Along will the normal disclosure check, insurance needs and council registration, Josee is also a canine first aider.















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