Dog Walking

*** Dog walking services are currently unavailable***

I provide professional dog walking services for Edinburgh and use a number different parks, green spaces and beaches. Some of my favourite spots include the Pentlands, Arthur’s Seat, Portobello and Crammond. I am always looking for new places to walk so if anyone has any suggestion feel free to get in touch.

What is included

  • Free consultation
  • Pick up and drop off
  • Poo Bags
  • Leads and extra collars
  • Home made treats
  • Towels
  • Water
  • Canine First Aid kit

I will make sure all mucky paws are cleaned and any dogs that like taking a dip will get a good towel down before heading home.

Any photos I take during the walks will posted to my facebook page, my blog Adventures of a Black Dog, or if you would prefer I can just send them onto you directly.

I will only take dogs that are up to date with vaccinations and any dog with behavioural problems will not be taken on group walks. If your dog would benefit more from getting all my attention, either due to being a bit shy or not getting on with other dogs, then I also offer one to one walks.

Times and Availability

  • Monday to Friday
  • Maximum of 6 dogs per walk
  • Minimum 1 hour walks (not including pick up and drop off)
  • Morning, afternoon and evening pick ups




  1. Gail Bridges says:

    Good afternoon Josee

    We have two one year old (turned one in February) Basset Hounds who are gorgeous, friendly, very precious and challenging at times!! I am thinking about introducing a dog walker into their life’s possibly Monday to Thursday. I walk the girls up Corstorphine Woods maybe 4 or 5 times a week and there is a lot of Dog Walkers up there and my main concern is the amount of dogs some walkers (quite often looking for a missing dog). I think I would prefer the girls to walked on a one to one basis as as I mentioned above they can be quite challenging, especially Macy. She has to greet and meet every dog in her sight – I am trying to train her but when she has made her mind up she is off!! She does come back but very often on her own terms. I wondered what services you could maybe offer and if you have any availability, maybe a group walk would be best as they would follow the other dogs, I would welcome your thoughts. We stay in Corstorphine and our other basset is called Shirlie. Thanks Gail

    1. jpimbert says:

      Hi Gail,

      Thanks for getting in touch. I only ever take a max of 5 dogs, as I find any more than that and I can’t give them the attention they need, the walk also becomes less enjoyable for me! The group walks can be great as the dogs do tend to follow each other but I have had a couple dogs that have found it a bit too much and I have recommended that they go onto one-to-one walks. I do a mid morning walk (10-11) out at Costorphine hill most days and just now I only have 2 or 3 dogs that come along on that. I also do an afternoon walk (12-1) which is usually at the Braids or Crammond, this is full just now but 2 of my dogs are moving to Holland in May so there would be space after that. What sort of time would you be looking for them to get walked? Perhaps the best thing would be if I came to meet you and the girls and we can have a chat about what would be best?



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