Training Consultations

This include a free phone consultation where you can have an open and relaxed discussion about the issues you are facing with your dog. The phone consultation is followed by a 1:1 session in your home where Josee will provide you with control and management protocols as well as a training programme. The session will last around 90 minutes. Follow up 60 minute sessions can then be booked to help with carry out the training programme and Josee will always be available by email or phone to answer any questions.

  • Dog reactivity
  • Recall
  • Toilet training
  • Pulling on the lead
  • Jumping up at people
  • Barking
  • Anything that is negatively impacting your relationship with your dog!

For some dogs a class environment can be a sensory overload which causes them to become over aroused and limits learning. Because of this, these character types are more suited to individual attention in an environment where it is easier for them to focus.

Any cases that involve serious aggression or severe behavioural issues will be passed onto a veterinary referred and accredited behaviourist.

Initial training session (90mins) – £75

Package of 2 sessions (90 mins + 60 mins) – £130

Follow up training sessions (60mins) – £70