Perfect Puppy Package


The arrival of a puppy into your home can be an extremely daunting and confusing time with lots of misinformation and poor advice given by well meaning dog owners and on internet forums. You might have been told that your puppy is being dominant and to be more of a pack leader? Is your puppy behaving in a way that you don’t understand or are you finding that your training methods aren’t working? The puppy package will provide you with all the answers you need to help understand and communicate with your puppy using methods that are based on the most up to date research on dog behaviour and training.

This is a great package to do alone or in combination with puppy classes. The package involves an initial session of 90 minutes long and two 60 minute follow up sessions. There is a phone consultation prior to the session, written up training plans with useful handouts and links and as many follow up emails/calls as you need. Any extra sessions after this are £70 for 60 minutes.

I have added below a rough guide of what the three sessions usually cover but this can be changed to suit your puppy’s specific training needs.
Session 1 (in the house) 90 minutes 
  • Positive handling and equipment 
  • Body language and communication
  • Appropriate human-dog play and enrichment
  • Teach a settle
  • Teach attention
  • Teach impulse control game one
Session 2 (in the house and garden) 60 minutes
  • Appropriate socialisation 
  • Appropriate dog-dog play
  • Teach loose lead
  • Teach hand targeting/touch
  • Teach recall using toys and food
  • Teach impulse control game two
Session 3 (out at the park) 60 minutes
  • Putting it all into practice!