Under the current COVID-19 guidance, people that carry out work in other people’s homes can continue, providing that there is no-one showing coronavirus symptoms or self isolating. I have added a link to the Scottish government webpage that goes over this in more detail.


To help minimise the spread of coronavirus there will be no cancellation fees for any sessions that need to be cancelled or re-arranged last minute. I will be wearing a mask during all indoor sessions and I would recommend that everyone else in the house does the same. Where possible, training sessions will be based in the garden or outdoors. I will also ask if you could arrange the space (whether in the house or in the garden) so that we can keep to the 2m social distancing guidelines as best as possible. 

The puppy package provides you with the all the skills you need to help understand and communicate with your puppy.

For some puppies the class environment is too overwhelming and they find it hard to listen or learn. The puppy package teaches all the skills from the puppy classes but in a safe learning environment – your home! We then move outside in the second session to help your puppy practice those skills around distractions.

The package cost £130 and involves two private training sessions based in your home and out at the park. The initial session is 90 minutes and the second session is 60 minutes. A phone call is arranged prior to the session to chat about how things are going. The sessions also include written up training plans with useful handouts and links and as many follow up emails/calls as you need. Any extra sessions after this are £70 for 60 minutes.

Since the started of the coronavirus crisis, there has been less opportunities for owners to teach puppies the essential life skill of how to be OK when left alone. Because of this, I have noticed an increase in the number of puppy owners looking for help with separation related issues. Many owners have also been in touch with concerns over puppy socialisation since social distancing is making it difficult to carry this out. To help with the challenges caused by COVID-19, I have updated the puppy package to include more training exercises and hand-outs that specifically focus on proofing for separation anxiety and appropriate socialisation.

Below is a rough guide of what the sessions usually cover but this can be changed to suit your puppy’s specific training needs.

Session 1 (in the house) 90 minutes 

  • Proofing against separation anxiety 
  • Body language and communication
  • Appropriate human-dog play and enrichment
  • Managing puppy biting
  • Teach attention
  • Teach hand targeting/touch
  • Teach a settle
Session 2 (outside) 60 minutes
  • Appropriate socialisation 
  • Appropriate dog greetings
  • Appropriate dog-dog play
  • Teach loose lead
  • Teach recall using toys and food
  • Teach impulse control game

Puppy package of 2 sessions (90 mins + 60 mins) – £130

Follow up training sessions (60mins) – £70