“Josee has an immediate calming effect on dogs and owners alike! Like Mary Poppins, she arrives with a bag full of Magic: yak milk sticks, tug toys made of brightly coloured children’s socks, pigs ears(!) and treats galore. It’s as if she hypnotises your daft dog and she passes on fantastic simple tricks to improve behaviour and to build a positive relationship with your dog. We signed up with the Puppy Package – money very well spent – and will see her again to work on recall and whatever comes after that.
Don’t hesitate to call her.” – Dianne

“Josee has recently done some training sessions with us and our cocker spaniel puppy Mia. She gave us some excellent advice and practiced some great reinforcement exercises with us. I can honestly say, it’s like having a different dog after her sessions! Our puppy’s behaviour has improved so much, I cannot recommend Josee enough!” – Kirsty

“We sought Josee’s help with our 6 month old working cocker to encourage loose lead walking on the pavement, and to improve recall outwith the house/garden so that we could let him off the lead on longer walks. His overwhelming sniff instinct was proving a real battle! Josee gave us practical techniques to use, but also her manner and communication gave us constant encouragement and, importantly, hope! We and our pup can now enjoy off lead walks, and constant pulling on the lead is now a thing of the past.” –  Elaine

“Josee visited me and my dog Jess for 3 sessions to help address some behavioural problems Jess was showing. I had adopted 4 year old Jess about 5 months before and she’d had 4 previous homes. Jess was inclined to react to other dogs by lunging and barking and her recall was non existent. She also had started soiling and wetting the floor overnight. Josee was professional, friendly and organised and advocated a non punitive approach to dog training and was very good at reassuring me and lessening my anxiety. At each visit Josee spent time reviewing the issues then accompanied us on a walk, observed my handling of Jess and Jess’s behaviour with other dogs and she demonstrated clear coping strategies to try. These involved praising and rewarding even small steps toward calm behaviour and engagement with me rather than with passing dogs. Josee suggested recording Jess overnight which helped clarify the soiling behaviour and reassured me that I was not doing anything wrong. Josee followed up each session with a written summary and exercises to do and advice to follow. She also recommended helpful reading material. By the final session Jess’s soiling had resolved and her reactions to other dogs had greatly improved. Jess’s recall is a work in progress but I continue to follow Josee’s suggestions and feel more confident that it will improve. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Josee’s intervention for help with training and understanding your dog.” – Jacq

“We asked Josee to help us out after getting a very active cocker spaniel puppy. Josee was absolutely brilliant at giving us suggestions how to settle into a routine, occupy him and deal with puppy biting in the early weeks. Later sessions were extremely helpful in teaching the puppy attention exercises, working on recall and training advice. I cannot speak highly enough of Josee, as she was always very reassuring and incredibly helpful along the way every time I had any concerns about puppy’s behaviour and gave excellent directions on how to deal with any arising issues. It really shows that she is doing a job she loves and she is great at it!” – Daumante

“I would highly recommend Josee. I was having trouble walking our very excitable, strong, adolescent Newfie but thanks to Josee and her advice I am now happily walking our big baby girl again. Thank you so much! Highly recommend” – Claire

“Barney and me enjoyed a series of one-to-one sessions with Josee which were excellent. Barney made real progress and my confidence grew. Josee has a very good way of encouraging – me and my puppy!! She took time to call in advance of the first session and had a detailed conversation about exactly what I hoped to achieve. As a result Josee was well prepared and no time was wasted in the practical sessions. I will definitely contact Josee for some refresher training. As well of detailed write ups after each session, for easy reference, she sent an end of course email following up on Barney’s progress, which was much appreciated.” – Janet

“I benefited both from a one to one training session at home ( I am a beginner) and the 8 week puppy class. I am now far more confident with my puppy and he has gained a lot from the socialisation he got at the classes. I have no hesitation in recommending Josee to anyone looking for an experienced and personally very charming dog trainer.” – Ian