Separation anxiety is an umbrella term which covers a wide range of separation related behaviours (SRB). These are behaviours that only occurs when the dog is separated from their owner and are usually caused by a feeling of distress. I have included some of the most common SRB below:

  • Destructive behaviour, chewing and destroying furniture
  • Howling and barking
  • Elimination (peeing or pooing in the house)
  • Trembling, whining or pacing
  • Excessive salivation
  • Self-mutilation
  • Repetitive behaviour
  • Diarrhea/vomiting
  • Shadowing owner when they are in the house
  • Excessive greeting when owners come home

Separation anxiety can be emotionally exhausting to deal with, both for the dog and the owner, and resolving separation anxiety is a long road. But the good news is that separation anxiety is one of the more serious behavior problems with the highest rates of success! This is done through systematically teaching your dog that being alone is something to worry about.

The first commitment you will make when you start working on this SA package is to suspend all absences. This means that you only leave your dog alone for the time that they are able to cope with. But because most people are working from home just now, it is also the perfect time to start! For people that still have to go to work it is essential to find a suitable day care service so that your dog is never left alone out with the structured training sessions.

The package involves:

  • An initial 1 hour zoom session
  • Structured training sessions carried out by the owner 5 days a week which last 10-15 minutes.
  • Weekly check in via email to see how the sessions are going and to update criteria for the following week.
  • Monthly check in via zoom session.

Monthly package price – £150

Discounted 3 month package price – £430

Testimonial from Danielle and Honey

“I reached out to work with Josee a few months after getting my rescue dog, Honey. Honey has had a rough start and has been on the streets, in a shelter, on a bus from Romania to Scotland, a foster home in Glasgow and then with us before she was even one years old. Understandably, Honey has separation anxiety and whilst in lockdown we thought there was no better time to kickstart training. Admittedly, after reading so much conflicting information online about training separation anxiety, I was a bit hesitant in what approach would be taken and if this would actually make a difference or just be a fluke training that only worked now and again. 

When we began with Josee, we couldn’t leave Honey alone for longer than 3 minutes before she would become anxious, howl and bark. Josee had a telephone conversation with me first before meeting Honey and even offered some amazing advice before she met us to begin working on. Josee is so insightful and clearly has a lot of knowledge behind her training. Josee came out to meet us and from then on has given us weekly training diary for us to work on. Each week Josee checks our progress and chats this out with us, which I find is really personal, helpful and gives us lots of enthusiasm to continue and see the changes. 

The training is not easy, it takes repetition, understanding and time, but I can hand on heart say this training has changed ours and Honey’s life. After beginning with Josee in September, Honey is now at 27 minutes of being left alone. She is relaxing rather than staring out the window waiting on us returning and does not present as stressed any longer. Honey has her off days in training but Josee gives more tips and exercises to try and keeps us on track and understanding to work at Honey’s pace. Josee understands the stresses of separation anxiety and frustrations that come along with this so she makes the training work for everyone. 

I’d recommend this training to anyone who’s dog has separation anxiety. Don’t expect a quick fix, but expect your dog to truly be less anxious and more comfortable on their own. Josee will be with you every step encouraging you and understanding the needs of your pup fully.”