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This package provides you with the the skills you need to help understand and communicate with your adolescent dog.

During adolescence there are LOTS of changes going on in the brain which can make dog teenagers more difficult to live with. Without having a good understanding of how this developmental period is affecting the brain, it can be very easy to misunderstand their ‘bad’ behaviour and get frustrated with any training regressions.

The package is for dogs between 6-24 months old and involves two private training sessions based in your home and out at the park. The initial session is 90 minutes and the second session is 60 minutes. You will be asked to fill in a behaviour questionnaire prior to the first session. The sessions also include written up training plans with useful handouts and links.


Session one

Session 1 (in the house/garden/zoom) 90 minutes

  • Looking at what adolescence means and how long does it last for
  • Understanding the changes going on in the brain
  • Puberty and how that affects behaviour
  • Looking at the impact of neutering on behaviour
  • Enrichment and training for the adolescent brain
  • Self control games
  • Frustration tolerance games
  • Going back to basics with training cues

Session two

Session 2 (outside) 60 minutes

  • Exercise and enrichment for walks
  • Appropriate social interactions
  • Training for the adolescent brain
  • Going back to basics with common training cues
  • Self control games
  • Attention around distractions

Adolescent training package price (needs to be completed within 3 months) – £160

**Discounted price for perfect puppy package clients – £140**

Follow up monthly training package (2 x 45-60 min training sessions) – £120

To get more information or book the adolescent training package please use the contact form below.

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