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Behaviour assessment


If you are unsure about which service is best for your dog, we offer an assessment session to help give you some first aid advice about how to manage the situation and talk through your options.

The assessment is done through a phone call and lasts 60 minutes.


What is involved?

Josee will chat with you over the phone to discuss what has been happening with your dog, provide you with some first aid advice so that you can start managing the issue straight away and come up with a plan on how best to move forward, either through a training or behaviour package. If Josee feels that she is not able to take on the case then she will also help to refer you onto someone who can.

If you would like to book an assessment please fill in the booking form and Josee will be in touch with the best options for you, based on your situation!



To get more information or book a session

Fill in the form below and Josee will contact you soon